September 19, 2008

Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers (Q3 2008)

There is a new list containing the top 100 blogs for development managers. No, my blog is not listed there ;-), though I am a happy reader of many of the top blogs. I don't know why the list is titled "for development managers", most of the blogs listed there should be interesting for any developer, like me.

March 31, 2008

Computers are sexy, or are they?

Joshua: I think also, computers aren't quite as sexy as they were when we were growing up, you know.
James: No I mean, when I was growing up, computers were the definition of unsexy.
Joshua: Oh I'm sorry, I mean to geeks like ourselves.
Neal: Closures are sexy though.
James: Yes so, we have photographic evidence of that one.

Joshua Bloch, James Gosling and Neal Gafter at the Javapolis discussion panel: The Future of Computing. Better than your favorite sitcom (if you are a Java geek like me).

January 14, 2008

Installing Windows Vista and Kubuntu Linux, a (very) short comparison

Last week I have installed Windows Vista Business and Kubuntu Linux on the same notebook, which has 2GB memory and a dual core processor.

Installing Windows Vista:

Including the several obligatory reboots and the experience optimization phase, the installation took me several hours. Most of the time I was confronted with a black screen without any progress indication.

Installing Kubuntu Linux:

The installation took me 20 minutes, in which I was allowed to play with the operating system that booted from the Live-CD. I played some of the included games while the installation took place in a minimized window.