November 4, 2007

Welcome to Coşkun's Castle

The beginning is now

Although I have always wished to be one, I have never been the blogging type of guy. I am a little perfectionist and my thoughts about blogging always have been "If you start blogging, start at the beginning". This always kept me from blogging, as a third of my life (very optimistic estimation) has passed and there seems to be much to catch up.

So why am I starting now? I must have been creating a Blogger account by mistake. I noticed that I have a Blogger account, when I was commenting on a blog by Neal Gafter: my comment was automatically signed with my Blogger profile. Hence people could follow my comment to my Blogger profile but there was no associated blog to read yet. I decided that this is not acceptable. Though I wont start blogging about my past life now. The beginning of my blogging life is now.

Who I am and what I will blog about

I believe that inspecting someone's online behavior is a good way to learn something about that person. Instead of introducing myself now, I direct everyone who is interested to search for my internet appearances. My Picasa Web Albums are a very good start. Also YouTube favorites and playlists tell much about a person. You can see excerpts of what my feed reader is currently giving me for reading on this blog's side bar. I am currently not an active user of other social communities in the web. I will update this blog, if this changes in future.

Another question is what I will blog about. I really don't know, time will tell. I don't expect to blog very often, once a week at most. I would not be surprised if there is no blog entry for months.

Why Coşkun's Castle?

A final note on the title of my blog. Why is it Coşkun's Castle? The first domain I ever registered was It was a long time ago and there was no special reason for the name. The domain did not contain any homepage, its primary purpose was the email mailbox associated with it and the web space provided by my host provider. Because I use that email address very excessively, I figured it is a good idea to have something on the homepage for all the curious people who visit the page after seeing my email address. Hence I redirected the page to blogspot and gave my blog a matching name.

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