October 6, 2009

Memories of the (Next Generation) Future

By chance I recently came upon Memories of the Future, a book written by Wil Wheaton, actor of Wesley Crusher in the tv series Star Trek The Next Generation. I am happy not to have missed on this one before it is released in a week or so, which is why I am posting about it now, contributing to the publicity of the book (and because Wil ordered me to do so in his podcast).

Wil releases podcasts with excerpts of his book on a weekly basis. The book is a humorous recap of the first season of the series, from a Wheaton/Crusher point of view. Best part so far for me is how Wil manages to recapitulate the episodes as if Wesley - a mere 14 year old boy - had been the hero of the show, while at the same time knowing that this character was hated by so many fans, and he as an actor was so bloody inexperienced.

I never hated Wesley though. As I had been at similar age, when I first saw the series, I could perfectly identify with him as a character. I am totally going to enjoy the book. If you are not going to buy it, at least go tell your friends about it.

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