February 4, 2010

Computing industry rock stars - celebrities of the future?

I recently noticed that I am adoring rock stars of the computing industry just like other people are adoring pop stars in the music industry.

I am frequently searching Google for news about them, try to read every publication of them, and can barely await the next post in their blog (if they have one). If I would meat meet one of them in real live, I would fall to their feet and beg for an autograph. Interestingly, I cannot say the same about one single living music pop star (Michael Jackson does not count). There could be one or two movie stars falling into that category, though.

Is my worship for computing industry rock stars a crazy rarity, or are they really gaining in general popularity? Will computing industry rock stars be as popular as celebrities of the movie or music industry in the future?


  1. No, no one, your crazy!


    Though, I hope you want to meet them, not meat them...?! :)

  2. I feared I would be alone, but there sure must be someone else sharing my interest? Common! I feel strange now. Though, yeah, I would love to meet them. ;-)